Funny Is Funny Comedy Competition

(This is for non-professional comics only!)

We will be having a comedy competition at #FIFCC. Sign up at the open mic on 11/9/2021 or email us at The last day to sign up is Tuesday 11/23/2021.

FREE to enter. Competition will begin 11/24/2021 (Wednesday) at 7:00PM before the main show at 8:00PM. It will run for 6 weeks. The finals will be held on 1/5/2022 (Wednesday)

1st Place: A paid week as a feature at the club.
2nd Place: A paid week as an MC at the club.
3rd Place: $300

Judges will be other professional comics and club owners. We encourage you to invite people so you have an audience but no matter how many people you bring will NOT determine the winner! HOWEVER, It will show the club owners your ability to draw a crowd. That is just one aspect of the judging. The number one thing they will be looking for is, ARE YOU FUNNY?

2. Original material is a must! You will be disqualified if you steal or use hack material! (If unsure what hack material is, please ask.
3. You must be on time for all shows.
4. DO NOT GO OVER YOUR TIME! (If you go over your time you will be disqualified! No exceptions!)